8 Great Inflammation Fighting Foods for Dogs

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Nutrition, Remedies

When our animals are in pain or uncomfortable, we suffer alongside them. It doesn’t matter if it is acute or chronic, we want to try and do all that we can to get them back to their happy, healthy selves.

And sometimes we forget that food can help do that!

Want to feed to help your animal feel good? There are so many inflammation fighting foods for dogs that can really help the body. So, let’s embark on a culinary journey through the garden of goodness, discovering how different foods can work wonders in the fight against inflammation!

The Science Behind It All

Before we dive into the delightful doggy delicacies, let’s talk about the science behind inflammation. 

Inflammation is a natural and necessary response that the body’s immune system initiates to protect itself against harmful stimuli, such as pathogens (like bacteria and viruses), irritants, or injuries. The purpose of inflammation is to eliminate the cause of cell injury, clear out damaged cells and tissues, and initiate tissue repair. In dogs, it can manifest in various ways, such as joint pain, redness, or swelling.

In small doses, inflammation is important and helpful. It stimulates the immune system and starts the natural healing process. However, chronic inflammation can be uncomfortable and painful, and no pet parent wants that for their adored beast. 

While there are many supplements out there that can help reduce inflammation, there are also several foods that can help boost the body’s ability to navigate it, naturally. 

Inflammation Fighting Foods for Dogs

Just like for humans, inflammation fighting foods for dogs can play a crucial role in keeping our four-legged friends feeling their best. These are some of our top choices:

  1. Turmeric: This golden spice contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound. It’s like a superhero cape for your dog’s cells, fighting off inflammation and supporting overall well-being. We use it by making Golden Paste.
  2. Berries: Bursting with antioxidants, berries are a tasty treat that help combat oxidative stress. Plus, they’re a fantastic source of vitamins and fiber, keeping your dog’s digestive system in tip-top shape.
  3. Cruciferous Vegetables: Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and collard greens are canine-friendly anti-inflammatory powerhouses. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals, making it a fantastic addition to your dog’s meal.
  4. Dark leafy greens: Popeye wasn’t the only one who knew the benefits of dark leafy greens like spinach! They’re rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, promoting overall vitality.
  5. Cucumber: Hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits in one crispy bite! Cucumbers are a low-calorie, hydrating snack that most dogs adore, especially on hot days.
  6. Select Proteins: Beef, poultry, pork, and eggs contain higher amounts of selenium that can help to curb inflammation. Remember, pasture-raised if possible. 
  7. Apples: Along with many other valuable vitamins and minerals, these crunchy snacks are especially high in quercetin, known for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine benefits. 
  8. Ginger: Spice up your dog’s life with a touch of ginger! This root not only adds flavour but also contains gingerol, an anti-inflammatory compound. It can help soothe your dog’s stomach and provide relief from arthritis discomfort.

**Please try to source organic/pasture-raised whenever possible. Growing techniques and the manufacturing process can have a huge impact on a food’s anti-inflammatory properties. The more stressful the growing/manufacturing process, the more inflammatory those foods can actually become. 

When it comes to our animals’ health, Mother Nature gives us a lot to be grateful for. Whether you’re looking to help address inflammation, or just want to include a few more beneficial foods in your pet’s diet, these inflammation fighting foods for dogs can be just the thing you’re looking for! Feed those that are in season, rotating a few in a week. And try to give lots of variety – we like feeding all the colours of the rainbow. Their bodies and their tastebuds will be so thankful for it!

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