An Earth Day Message from Julie Anne Lee DCH RCSHom

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Animal Wisdom

I need like 2 days to elaborate on my feelings about the Earth.

It’s interesting, because just a couple days ago I was listening to a scientist that I just love, and she was saying that with everything that’s going on right now, people are feeling a bit frozen, frozen in fear and guilt, about what we’re doing to the Earth.

Some people are ignoring it, and some people are brushing it under the rug so they can’t see it. Some people are overwhelmed and saddened by what we’re doing to the Earth. And some people are like, you know what, if we all die, then the Earth is just going to be even better.

And this scientist said she spoke to a Shaman, and the Shaman said, that’s not true. Will the Earth do well if we’re not here? Will the Earth flourish? Yes, it will. But our Earth is our Mother. And if we become extinct our Earth will cry, because she doesn’t want anything to become extinct, whether it’s a butterfly or a human being. She wants us to live in harmony.

And I listened to that, and of course I bawled my eyes out for about an hour, because I don’t think I’ve heard something quite so beautiful. You know, I’m of that camp that if something happens to us, from an extinction point of view, humanity, the Earth will be fine. She’ll be more than fine. But I feel like, I’ve always been taught, she’s Mother Earth. What mother would want anything to die, or to be sick, to to become extinct.

And I thought it was to so beautiful to hear that. 

And then I really considered how that factors into how we all live our lives.

Extinction is a real possibility…

Extinction is a real possibility. I just can’t stand these camps. “The Tree Hugger” or “The Person Who Does’t Care About the Earth.” It doesn’t matter. If you only love humans, and you don’t really care about the Earth and animals, you have to step back and look, as a human, from a humanity point of view. We’re on a seriously slippery slope.

Statistically, younger people have a 60% infertility rate. 60%!!!  And if that continues on that slide, in 60-70 years, humans will become extinct, because the reproduction levels just aren’t happening. And a real cause of that is what we’re doing to the Earth. Particularly from a commodity point of view. The use of glyphosate, the use of different kinds of pesticides and pesticides – these are going into our water and creating infertility in people. 

So, whether you love the wilderness and nature, or you really don’t care, the end result is going to be the same. 

I think that we all are in this space of fear and guilt. And I’ve never aspired to fear and guilt. I’ve always felt like taking responsibility or stepping up to the plate to make a better choice is part of evolution. It’s part of why we’re humans and have that ability. 

But, to exist in a way where we’re frozen in guilt, it doesn’t push us forward. It keeps us frozen in one place, or it actually causes some people to move back, and freak out so much that they want to show the science to negate what’s really happening. Because they can’t handle the guilt.

I think that what we need is to look at how that hierarchy happens, and how we’ve chosen that gold is more important than a beach rock, for example. We decided that. Is it true? It’s only true because financially it is. That’s the only reason. But because a lot of large commodity industry is ruled by money, what we’re actually doing is taking that natural commodity, whether it’s fish oil, trees, agriculture, whatever it is, we’re taking it and we’re actually destroying it. We’re saying “Yes, this means the most.” But then we’re using it to a point where it becomes extinct, where there isn’t anymore to use. We have been ruled by money, and power, and industry. And I think that’s where everyone needs to step back and look at the impacts to our Earth. 

How Can We Change

I think courage is a big thing. I don’t mean courage just from nature, and doing the best for nature. I think that you need courage to change. Everyone gets comfortable with what we know and what we’ve learned. And you need a lot of courage to step through a door, especially people who are in the forefront. You need courage to say “science isn’t everything.” There’s a lot more to science than objectivity. Subjectivity is just as important. Creativity in science is just as important. But at the bottom of all of that is empathy, and caring, and love. You need to have that. Any human being needs that. If we lose our empathy, towards anything, we lose our humanity.

I think on Earth Day, if the Earth in trying to teach us anything, it’s compassion and empathy, towards whatever you want to put it towards. The Earth continues to support us no matter how off the mark we are. It’s almost like unconditional love, the kind you’d get from a mother. We need to give that back to humanity, so that we aren’t becoming extinct. And the way to not become extinct is to give that compassion and empathy back to the Earth. 

A Disconnect from Natural

One last thing that I want to say is that, everyone is running around and the word Natural is a big deal right now. People say “I take natural supplements,” or “my hair colour is natural,” or “my shampoo is natural.” It’s like we are so disconnected from that word. 

You pick up a jar and it says Natural, but are you actually understanding what Natural means? Where does that Natural product come from? It comes from Nature!! It’s healing you, and keeping you healthy, but what are you doing, personally, to give back to what’s keeping you healthy? 

A lot of natural products on the market are not empathic or compassionate or cognizant of nature. They’re using Nature now, and the word Natural, as a commodity or a selling tool. So I think it’s really important for all of us to just get a grasp and stand back and do the best we can. And not be scared to change and voice your opinion, and be the one who walks through that door and walks a difference in the lives of everything and everyone. 

Happy Earth Day everyone.

With Love,

Julie and the Animals 💚💚

Julie Anne Lee, DCH RCSHom

Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RcsHOM, has been the owner and practitioner of some of the busiest and long standing holistic veterinary hospitals and clinics in North America. This includes founding the first licensed strictly holistic veterinary clinic in Canada. She developed and taught a three year post-graduate program for veterinarians at the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine. She also presented lectures for the American Homeopathic Veterinary Association on homeopathy and functional pathology, the British Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons Association on treating chronic disease, the Canadian Society of Homeopaths on clinical comparisons of the treatment of human to animals, P.E.I Veterinary University on the gut microbiome, and many more over the last 20 years.

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