Dog Training Tips: 3 Steps to Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Animal Wisdom, Training

Language is a beautiful thing. It helps us get what we want and stop what we don’t want. But neither can happen unless you actually speak and comprehend the language. Otherwise, you might feel like you are losing your mind, saying the same thing over and over expecting a different response. If you are trying to speak to your dog and they don’t know what you want, expect to lose some hair. Dog training is easy when you are speaking the right language. So the question is, do you want to keep your hair? How about your hair AND have your dog listen to you? Then keep on reading.

Dog Training Tips: 3 Steps to Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors 

1. Truly An Issue?

The first step is decide if it is truly an unwanted behaviour. By this I mean, do you really care about it or not? Be really honest here, without judging your response. If your dog sleeping in your bed or getting up on furniture is NOT a problem for you, then you won’t be motivated or committed enough to put in the work and follow through. AND THAT’S OK. Your energy and time is better served some on something you feel is a priority.

2. Commitment is Key

Once you’ve decided that yes, this behaviour is unwanted and you want to make changes, then you need to decide on the method you will use to address it. Commit to ONE method! That is key! Dogs respond to consistency, so AVOID SWITCHING back and forth (and back and forth). For the method I recommend, listen to the Doggett Style Podcast Episode 1, which can be found on Spotify, iTunes, or Google Podcasts. Ultimately, the method has to work for you and your dog. If it only works for one of you, the relationship will be out of balance. 

3. Timing is Everything

Practice for no more than 3-5 minutes every day. Yes – only 3-5 minutes. This will allow you to be consistent because it’s no time at all. You won’t run out of patience because even if you don’t “hit perfection” after the timer goes off, THAT’S OK! And finally you can maximize having fun! I recommend you pick a favorite upbeat song (probably not “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion… unless of course that gets you excited!) 

Make Dog Training a Positive Thing

Dogs respond to your energy – approach your training like a game. If you think about training like a game, it can become a relationship builder and your dog will respond in the same manner! Make it a chore, something you are bitter or resentful about, and your dog training sessions will be tedious and unproductive. Learning takes time – for both of you. Honor the process and celebrate every  small victory along the way to your goal! 

Remember: Make a decision, commit to it, and follow through with a positive and fun attitude!

Like any relationship, setting healthy boundaries is important. This doesn’t add stress to the relationship but instead actually allows everyone to be happier together. Create clear expectations for your dog and you are setting them up for success. You are a team. You have to listen and respect your dog as a dog and your dog should learn to respect you as well. Once they know, your partnership will flourish and you’ll have an even deeper bond through deeper understanding. And who doesn’t want that?! 

Know that you are loved 😘 

Evan Doggett

Evan Doggett has a zest for life, teaching dogs but also teaching humans too! Evan’s approach to training is to look at the human/dog relationship as a whole. Doggett Style Dog Training is a new brand that’s familycentric, eco-friendly, global ethics minded, and keeps the dog’s best interest at heart. Evan believes that training should be easy to understand and easy to implement. As many people already know, it’s us humans that need the training! And while some behaviours take longer to teach or modify, the process needs to be both Educational and Entertaining. Evan's Doggett Style 7 Elements Online Course covers: Health, Raising a Puppy and or Rescue dog, Fun/Play, Unwanted Behaviours, Obedience, Canine Body Language. Go to to learn more and get the course today! And because you are a 2.0 pet parent we’d like to get you 25% Off! Just use the discount code: ADORED25 at the checkout! For more FREE dog training tips go to: Facebook where I go live every Friday and answer your questions, etc. Here's how to find us online: Website Facebook Instagram Podcast

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