New Years Pet Safety Tips: It’s Time to Celebrate

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Animal Wisdom, Safety

As yet another year winds down, and we all settle in for a New Years celebration quite unlike other years, we’re thankful for all we have, and look ahead to better things to come.

Even with social restrictions in place around the world, New Years Eve does pose some risk for our pets if we’re not paying attention.

To help you keep your furry companions safe, the Adored Beast team has come up with a list of our favourite New Years pet safety tips. Check these out for a safe and fun filled celebration.

New Years Pet Safety Tips

There are many ways to prepare and keep your animal safe all night. Thinking ahead makes all the difference.

A Fear of Fireworks?

We’re sure to see a ton of fireworks on New Years Eve. For some dogs, that’s a non issue. For others though, it can mean a frantic search for security, a place to hide, or, even more dangerous, a flight response.

If your pet usually displays a fear of fireworks, be prepared. The same goes for loud music.

Firstly, make sure your pet has a safe place to escape to. This could be a closet, a bedroom, even their crate. One of our pups lost her hearing in the last year, and the vibrations from the fireworks scare her. Our go-to is a blanket fort to block the noise and help her feel secure.

Also, consider a natural calming remedy to ease those fears and help your pet relax.

Julie’s top homeopathic remedies are:

  • Aconite 1M or 200C given 1 hour prior to sunset.
  • Argentum nitricum 200C and phosphorus 200C can both be added to mix as well. 

Take 2 pellets of each remedy, add them to a cup of water, let them dissolve for 30 minutes to an hour, and give the water to your pet. Do this an hour before sunset, and continue into the night if needed, up to four doses. 

  • 3 teaspoons for large dose
  • 2 teaspoons for medium dogs
  • 1 teaspoon for small dogs or cats

Bach Flower Essence Rescue Remedy is also a good choice. Start putting it in your animal’s water, 4-5 drops, in the afternoon.

CBD oil can also provide natural calming for your pet. Follow the directions on the bottle for proper dosing. Give it about 30 minutes before you think the fireworks will start.

Keep an Eye on the Alcohol

For many, a toast at midnight is a tradition to mark the beginning of the new year. And a few leading up to that toast may be the norm as well. If you’re sipping away on New Year’s Eve, remember to keep the booze out of reach. Dogs and cats don’t tend to be drawn to alcohol, but we all know accidents do happen. If your pet does consume too much, it can result in unsteady walking, vomiting, and in severe cases, a serious drop in blood pressure and body temperature.

Another serious consideration is diet alcoholic drinks or other mixes that might contain Xylitol. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener which is fine for us but highly toxic, and even fatal, to our pets.  

And remember, if your indulgence of choice is marijuana, it should be kept well away from pets too. While CBD is celebrated for its many wondrous benefits, its sister cannabinoid THC isn’t. In fact, roaches (what’s left of a marijuana cigarette after it’s smoked) is the #1 pet toxicity substance right now! Like alcohol, keep it well away from curious creatures.

On the note of consumables – as usual, keep things like chocolate, macadamia nuts, cooked bones and other non-pet friendly foods out of reach.

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Walk Early

The streets may not be as busy this year because of social restrictions, but you never know who’ll be out. And unfortunately there’s always a chance someone has indulged to celebrate and gotten behind the wheel. We recommend walking early to avoid any unforeseen circumstances that can jeopardize you and your pet’s safety.

Can’t walk during the day? Stay to the well-lit areas, and wear bright colours and reflective clothing so you’re easy to see. Make sure your pet has a collar with her up-to-date identification, just in case she gets loose.

On that note, because a pet escaping is a danger this night of all nights, consider putting a sign outside letting people know there are animals in the house and to be careful when entering or exiting.

New Years Pet Safety: A Few Extras

  • Watch those streamers, noisemakers, confetti, party hats and any other decorations that might prove tempting to chew on.
  • If you’re in an area where gatherings are not restricted and there will be dancing, be sure people are aware of any pets that might get stepped on!
  • If you do sparklers with the kids, be sure your pet isn’t around or tempted to try and take a bite! And make sure to clean up any debris after you’re finished.
  • And MOST IMPORTANT: Don’t forget a kiss at midnight for your furry friend

The extra due diligence on this night of celebration can make all the difference and start the new year off right. Keep these New Years pet safety tips in mind for a glorious evening.

From the entire team at Adored Beast, we wish you and your family a wondrous New Year. May it be filled with love and laughter and many, many snuggles. 💗

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