Why Your Go 2 is a Must for Any Pet Parent

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Homeopathy, Remedies

In our house, we have a very robust first aid kit. And one of the things that features prominently is homeopathy. With some basic knowledge, we’re able to address various issues within minutes.

But even if you have very limited knowledge of homeopathy, that shouldn’t mean you can’t take full advantage.

For Adored Beast Apothecary’s Founder, Julie, homeopathy is a must. And two remedies have always stood out to her as go-tos for first aid: aconite and arnica. That’s why she made Your Go 2.

And we so often get questions about when to use Your Go 2. So, we thought we’d write a blog about it!

What is Your Go 2?

Your Go 2 is a homeopathic tincture containing:

  • Aconite – Indicated for pain, hypersensitivity, fear, trauma, shock, fever, and stomach issues. One of the oldest homeopathic remedies, aconite is commonly used for acute conditions and sudden-onset situations. Its sphere of action is wide, having effect on almost all parts of the body.
  • Arnica – Indicated for trauma, bruising, pain, swelling, inflammation, bleeding, heart support, and fear. From root to petal, the entire arnica plant is used in homeopathic preparations, and we now know that arnica’s healing power comes from unique anti-inflammatory compounds like helenalin and flavonoids.

Together, these two remedies form the perfect combo for all kinds of situations.

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When to Use Your Go 2

Keeping a bottle on hand in your first aid kit is the easiest way to use Your Go 2. It’s very simple and fast, and most beneficial taken internally. 

1. Fear

With Halloween just around the corner, I’m reminded that many pets are not huge fans of the constant doorbell-ringing or knocking on Halloween night. The same goes for fireworks during the summer or on New Year’s Eve. Even grooming appointments or new situations – Your Go 2 can really help derail stress and nervousness. In fact, one of the most common uses of both of these remedies is fear. Starting with Your Go 2 a few hours before a stressful event can help keep your animal calm and decrease their anxiety, naturally.

2. Injuries

Your Go 2 is especially helpful when you’re dealing with both the shock and trauma of an injury, and the injury itself. No matter the situation, be it an injury at the dog park, a sprain running through the backyard, or something severe like getting hit by a car, eye injuries, aconite and arnica both help to manage the trauma response and shock, and can be incredibly helpful on the way to the vet. The homeopathic combination is designed to calm and settle until treatment can be given/booked with a vet or homeopathic practitioner. It won’t interfere with any vet assistance, so it’s a good first-response to any injury.

3. Pain

For pain, aconite and arnica are the best remedies to have on hand. Whether you’re dealing with ongoing pain, or acute pain after a hard day’s hike or agility, it can be incredibly useful. I even use it when I feel a migraine coming on. 

4. The Onset of Any Illness!

The beginning stages of vomiting, diarrhea, ear infections, bladder infections, eye infections…Your Go 2 can help with inflammation and pain until you can book an appointment with your vet or get to the emergency clinic. 

5. After Surgery 

Following any surgical procedure, it can be beneficial for both pain, inflammation, aid in healing, and to help derail the stress of the surgery itself. Again, it won’t interfere with any pain medications prescribed following the surgery. It’s an important supportive measure.

6. Insect Bites

Bee stings, mosquito bites, black fly bites… any insect bite can benefit from Your Go 2. It can help reduce swelling and inflammation and reduce the pain and itching at the bite site.

**When using Your Go 2 topically, keep in mind that it may sting if used on broken skin. It is best used when the skin is intact.

I’ve used Your Go 2 for my own pets (and for myself!) in many of these situations. I always keep a bottle on hand to use quickly, as the versatility is really nice! Keep it handy in the house, give a bottle to your dog walker, keep a bottle in the car, or even in your travel kit. Happy healing <3

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